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Indar is the first continent created for PlanetSide 2, and was featured in the original PlanetSide 2 trailer. Its visual theme is that of canyons and desert wasteland. Indar's northern landscape is mostly a flat desert area with few high hill and ledges, a giant Oasis stretches out covering up the entire southwest of Indar, and labyrinths of canyons are located in the southeast, with very high mountains and ledges, making vehicles much more vulnerable to infantry ambushes, waiting atop of the canyons.


Indar is a very wide and sprawling continent, a large landmass with mountains and roads weaving through the many paths going in and out of facilities. It is important to take notice of vehicle warfare, both air and ground alike, as it is common to see a Mosquito or a Magrider assaulting the many bases from afar and often stationed upon hills for visibility. Contrary to supposed logic, players will often not find Infiltrators picking off players from ridiculously high vantage points because of both the bullet drop physics and poor accuracy.

There are several common points on the continent that are often seen as endless struggles. The Crown is quite prevalent due to its mountain-like nature and the tedious siege operation often required to take it. Many bases, like The Crown, are quite defensible due to the use of powerful turrets that serve as both deterrents to aircraft, ground vehicles, and infantry.


There are three primary facility types on Indar: Tech Plant, Bio Lab, and Amp Station.

Tech Plants

  • Tawrich Tech Plant West of the South-Eastern Warpgate
  • Hvar Tech Plant North of the South-Western Warpgate
  • Mao Tech Plant South-East of the Northern Warpgate

Bio Labs

  • Rashnu Bio Lab North of the South-Eastern Warpgate
  • Allatum Bio Lab North-East of the South-Western Warpgate
  • Saurva Bio Lab West of the Northern Warpgate

Amp Stations

  • Zurvan Amp Station North-West of the South-Eastern Warpgate
  • Peris Amp Station East of the South-Western Warpgate
  • Dahaka Amp Station South West of the Northern Warpgate